Leslie Korrick

Leslie Korrick
Associate Professor

Art and Cultural History, Graduate Programs in Art History & Visual Culture, Science & Technology Studies

BA (Carleton), MA, MPhil, PhD (University of Toronto)

Formerly of the interdisciplinary Fine Arts Cultural Studies program, Faculty of Fine Arts, at York University (1999-2011), Dr. Leslie Korrick is currently an Associate Professor in York’s Department of Visual Art and Art History. She is appointed to the graduate programs in both Art History & Visual Culture and Science & Technology Studies and is a recipient of the Faculty of Fine Arts Senior Teaching Award (2006-2007). Prior to joining York, Dr. Korrick held appointments at the University of Manitoba, Queen’s University, and the Ontario College of Art and Design.

Traversing periods and geographies, Dr. Korrick’s research and teaching focus on intersections between the arts; constructions of culture through art forms, architecture, urban spaces, collecting, and display; art-science relations; and sound studies. She is leader of the soundseminar, an inter-university, multi-disciplinary research group of theorist-practitioners exploring sound as a medium of artistic practice and cultural marker, and a member of the editorial collective for InTensions, an e-journal on the theatricality of power and sensory regimes.  Dr. Korrick has taught studies-abroad courses in Italy for U of M, Queen’s, and York, most recently Rome: Open City / Roma: città aperta.

Published in such journals as Word & Image and Early Music and in several multidisciplinary essay collections, Dr. Korrick is completing a book considering relationships between Italian painting and music in Early Modern theory and practice, funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. Her most recent essay associated with this project, “Vincenzo Galilei’s Re-Vision of Renaissance Tuning: Trading on Nature and Art,” appears in The Sounds and Sights of Performance in Early Music (Ashgate, 2009). On contemporary sound art, Dr. Korrick has presented her research at the Sound Art Theories Symposium at the School of the Art Institute, Chicago (2011), SoundActs: Sound as Art-Sound in Culture-Sound in Theory-Sound in History, Aarhus University, Denmark (2010), Transmissions: Sound Art Performed and Discussed, Overgaden-Institute of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen (2010), and the Halifax Art and Audio Festival (2009), aspects of which are forthcoming in Leonardo Music Journal (2013).

Dr. Korrick has collaborated with a wide variety of Canadian arts collectives and cultural institutions including Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art, Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art, Art Metropole, UpArt Contemporary Art Fair, Prefix Institute of Contemporary Art, GroundSwell New Music, SoundaXis (New Music Projects), Tafelmusik, Aradia Baroque Ensemble, the Music Gallery, Art Gallery of Ontario, Winnipeg Art Gallery, Ontario College of Art and Design, and Toronto International Film Festival Group.

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