Print Media Studio

Print Media

The Print Media Area curriculum integrates a broad, inclusive approach to contemporary print-based practice with the acquisition of medium-specific skills. There are three classroom/studio spaces in the Print Media Area, representing Intaglio/Relief, Lithography, and Screenprinting.

The 2000-level courses introduce students to the technical and material processes of the four major print forms. With a minimum of two 2000-level courses as prerequisites, students progress to the 3000 level. In core and focused topic courses, students develop more considered approaches to these print media in a contemporary context, including the integration of various print-based art forms such as artists’ books, multiples, photo and digital-based processes, and print installation. Students wishing to pursue individually defined print-based practice at a more advanced level enroll in 4070 Print Media.

The ground floor studios are fully equipped, housing 3 intaglio presses, 3 lithography presses, 6 screenprinting stations and one large vacuum base screenprinting station, 2 exposure units and newly upgraded etching, spraying, cleaning and ventilation systems.  Photographic and digital processes are supported by a photographic darkroom, and a shared digital lab. Print Media students have access to supervised workshop hours six days a week and each student is provided storage space located in the studios.