Sculpture Studio

L.L. Odette Centre for Sculpture

The Sculpture Area
The L. L. Odette Centre for Sculpture offers world-class facilities for research in sculpture providing students with the conceptual skills and technical knowledge to successfully articulate their ideas in three-dimensional forms.

The Sculpture Area studios comprise of steel, wood, plaster, clay/ceramics, mould making, foundry processes, stone carving, and installation, incorporating a range of digital fabrication technologies. Our program moves the students though specifically designed courses, which allow them to successfully articulate their ideas in three-dimensional form, while building a personal vocabulary, concept development skills and technical knowledge.

At the 2000 level, students are introduced to basic technical and critical concerns, which provide a fundamental understanding of hands-on construction processes.

The 3000-level courses offer focused investigation through a series of conceptual projects which address issues in contemporary sculpture. 3032 Intermediate Sculpture Processes is an in-depth series of six rotating courses focusing on specific material sculptural process at a more advanced level.

At the 4000 level, students are encouraged to work independently, generating projects with the objective of building a coherent body of work for a public presentation.

The L.L. Odette Centre for Sculpture is named in honour of its major benefactor, Toronto businessman and philanthropist Louis Odette.