Time-Based Art Studio

The Time-Based Art area is committed to the encouragement of student learning and creative exploration within a range of studio practices in a variety of media. Within the rubric of Time-Based Art we include video, performance, video and sound installation and sound as an autonomous practice and within interdisciplinary intersections, all taking place within analog and/or digital technological environments. Critical skills and theoretical knowledge are integrated in all courses at each level.

Courses in the TBA encourage the crossing of disciplinary boundaries interrogating the spaces between video, sound and performance within a sustained investigation of time and process on a broad level. Introductory 2000-level courses lead to diverse courses at the 3000 level, which foster interdisciplinary trajectories coalescing around a central medium (video art, performance art, sound). These courses prepare students for self-defined projects at the 4000 level. All of the courses integrate digital skills.

The area is supported by two technicians overseeing video, sound and computer-based equipment, currently working over three studio spaces and one 20-seat digital computing lab. The computing lab is a shared facility supporting both TBA and Photography, and houses digital video and sound editing equipment. The studio spaces include one video lighting studio, a performance/video/interactive studio which provides students more studio space to develop video installation projects, and explore digital and non-digital media installation (ideal for interactive work). A third smaller space is dedicated to sound-based practices and video editing, with a fully equipped recording and editing suite (two workstations).