Welcome from the Chair

Brandon Vickerd

Brandon Vickerd, Chair

Dear Current Students and Future Students,

It takes courage to consider a career in the arts. It takes vision to believe that this path will lead to a fulfilling career full of opportunity and learning. It takes determination to follow a career path of creativity and insight, while others bank on seemingly safe choices.

In the Department of Visual Art & Art History you find faculty who are themselves professional artists and scholars, eager to assist you as you begin your career. In addition, you will find that our supportive office and technical staff will facilitate your needs in so many different ways. We are all here to help you make the most of your experience at York University.

We know that your interests go far beyond Visual Arts and Art History and our programs are structured with an emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches to creativity and research. Whether it’s taking a class on the history of rock and roll, learning how to write code in a Computer Science course, or identifying planetary bodies in an Astronomy course, our faculty understand that your diverse interests and academic pursuits are fuel for your studio and curatorial practice, and for your understanding of art historical and cultural context.  We encourage you to experiment across disciplines while you hone your skills and focus as a visual artist, curator and art historian.

I believe you will find this website a useful source of information about the Department of Visual Art & Art History. It clarifies academic regulations and administrative procedures. This site provides information of visual arts and art history courses, as well as information about services, facilities and opportunities to help you plan your activities more effectively.

I extend to each of you my best wishes for success in your academic and artistic endeavours.

Brandon Vickerd, Chair

Department of Visual Art & Art History
York University