Karen Stanworth

Art History and Education

BFA (Concordia), BEd (McGill), MA (York), PhD (Manchester)

Scholarly Interests

Canadian Art History; Visual Culture and Identity; Museum History and Pedagogies; Visual Rhetoric and Nationalism, Group Portraiture; Teaching of Visual Arts and Art History in Higher Education; History of Visual Culture in Canada

Professor Stanworth has published on topics related to visual culture and pedagogy; higher education and the arts; feminist cultural theory and production; and narrative and history. Her articles have appeared in Art History (UK), Histoire Sociale/Social HistoryResources in Feminist Research, Journal of Canadian Studies, Symploke Journal of Comparative Literature and Theory, Journal of Canadian History and University of Toronto Quarterly.

Her teaching and research address issues of knowledge formation within visual culture, with a particular emphasis on the representation of identities, and the paradox of belonging and difference.

Visibly Canadian: Imging Identities in the Canadas, 1820-1910 (2015) is an award winning book on visual culture and identity in 19th century Canada that examines the ways in which visual culture participates in the construction and mediation of social identities, particularly in early museum pedagogies, visual spectacle and the representation of group identities. Current research includes a research project of case studies about bawdy images in 20th century Canada.

Dr. Stanworth is joint appointed to the Faculties of School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design and Education, and is associated with the Graduate Program in Interdiscipinary Studies, Graduate Program in Visual Arts and Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies at York.


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