Professor Emeritus

Senior Scholar

BA (Toronto), MA (California-Berkeley), PhD (London)

Professor Carpenter’s research interests include the history, theory, and practice of art criticism, Canadian and American art since 1940, and the psychology of creativity. His extensive publication credits include sixty articles in journals such as Art International, Arts, Vie des arts, The Journal of Canadian Art History, Studio International, The Canadian Encyclopedia and the Dictionary of Art. Exhibitions he has curated include The Caro Connection: Sculpture by Sir Anthony Caro from Toronto CollectionsThe Heritage of Jack Bush, A Tribute (Robert McLaughlin Gallery), which toured extensively; and Caricature and Conscience: The Sculpture of Dora Wechsler (with Carolyn Robinson) for Toronto’s Koffler Gallery.

Professor Carpenter has been guest critic at the Emma Lake Artists’ Workshop and guest lecturer at numerous Canadian and American universities. He was a recipient of the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Association’s award for excellence in teaching.


Selected Publications

Entries on Graham Coughtry, Clement Greenberg, Harold Rosenberg, Dictionary of Art (London: Macmillan, 1996)

The Caro Connection, Sculpture by Sir Anthony Caro from Toronto Collections (Toronto: Koffler Gallery, 1995)

“Joseph Drapell Paints a Picture”, Art Post 7:2 (Winter-Spring 1990)

“Triumph over Adversity” in Karen Wilkin, ed., Jack Bush (Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 1984), 84-97.