Michel Daigneault at McBride Contemporain

Michel Daigneault at McBride Contemporain Michel Daigneault’s art practice has for many years focused on Investigating what constitutes abstraction today and thereby exploring how abstraction relates to larger social forces. Michel Daigneault has exhib …

Holly Ward – humynatur3 Exhibition

Holly Ward’s humynatur3 explores the dissolution of Nature/Culture distinctions as emergent in the Anthropocene, a new geological era wherein human activity has influenced the course of all non-human systems, towards unprecedented outcomes. In this con …

Gravure Workshop

Professor David Armstrong recently hosted a photogravure workshop

Professor David Armstrong recently hosted a photogravure workshop at the Department of Visual Art and Art History’s Print Media Studios (May 20-23). Photogravure, a 19th C. hybrid photo/printmaking process, has seen a resurgence in recent years and has been part of the focus of his 4 year Canada Council Grant, (After Images, 2012-16), exploring a hybrid of historical and contemporary printmaking, photography, and digital imaging techniques.

Singer’s piece “I AM” is a 5-foot glass capital letter I

Yvonne Singer ‘pictures wellness’ with installations

Two works by Professor Yvonne Singer are featured in Picturing Wellness, an exhibition at the McMaster Museum of Art in Hamilton, Ont. running December 17, 2015 to March 26, 2016. The show focuses on a medical humanities perspective as the bridge betwe …

Elle Flanders Nuit Blanche

Alumni talent at Nuit Blanche

Visual Arts alumna Elle Flanders (PhD ’14, BA ’88) and her collaborative art practice ensemble Public Studio present their latest new media work, Zero Hour at 2015 Scotiabank Nuit Blanche Toronto. Created with Lebanese artist and poet Etel Adnan and sound artist Anna Friz, Zero Hour is a meditation on weather, climate change and the effects of northern extraction on the southern hemisphere.