Who Run The World?

My photography piece “Who Run The World?” conveyed the message of women empowerment, women supporting women. Through the use of high heels to represent feminine and movement, I positioned them to look like women can also do big things, and they would always be there to help and support each other. I was looking to […]

Honest Dead Series

These series of photographs depict the changes in the social development of the once famous Honest Ed warehouse and Mirvish Village neighbourhood. The series is meant to provide a sense of the different treatment to the particular area, a once flourishing cultural neighbourhood to an abandoned haunting one. The pictures depict the semi demolished buildings […]

Mental Glitch

This diptych was created using a high resolution scanner to assist in the creation of a modern photogram. The piece itself is supposed to discuss how mental illness can be viewed as a glitch within our brain that can affect the way we think, act and feel. The subjects of the piece, Carrie Fisher and […]