Wild Apples (The Fruit of Labour)

Cast in bronze from fifteen foraged wild apples, this piece draws attention to their strangeness and imperfection. Each apple is unique, subverting the accepted ideal of the standardized, perfect apple.

Femininity Embroidered (Series)

Femininity Embroidered is an exploration between the societal associations of what is considered to be masculine and feminine labour. Through the organic burnout process, Donoghue-Stanford’s embroidered “woman’s work” is transformed and re-birthed into bronze, casted into immortality. The words stitched into each piece are absurd synonyms of the word Femininity. In bronze, the words have …

Horse Chestnut

Modelled in wax and cast in bronze, this piece is a monument to overlooked natural objects and it examines the apparent value of a found horse chestnut.