Partnership Investment Opportunities in the Department Visual Art & Art History

International Visiting Artist Program

The best learning experiences result when visual art students are challenged to think in new ways and explore the world of art from multiple perspectives and with the support of artists from a variety of traditional and contemporary backgrounds. AMPD Visual Art & Art History has a long history of attracting prominent visual artists to campus to support undergraduate and graduate students. The department aims to formalize this valuable teaching and mentorship model with the introduction of a privately-funded Visiting Artist Program.

With annual investment for five years AMPD’s Visiting Artist Program will recruit for one six-week term a year an internationally-significant artist to lead an advanced studio course for senior undergraduate and MFA seminar students, and produce a new body of research within AMPD’s studio environment. Public lectures and presentations, workshops and technical demonstrations will further aid students as they innovate, experiment and build a body of independent work. The presence of a recognized artist on campus will also raise the national and international profile of the department and school.

As part of the Visiting Artist Program, an additional annual gift could also establish the Boomerang Visiting Artist Series specifically focused on attracting AMPD artist-alumni back to campus. Recent graduates, emerging artists and established artists will be invited to participate in a series of presentations — as many as six a year — aimed at introducing undergraduate students to career possibilities and to AMPD’s rich alumni network.

Curatorial Studies Exhibition

AMPD has a bold vision to introduce more experiential learning opportunities that challenge Masters in Art History students to gain the hands-on learning they will need as emerging art historians and curators. As a complement to the existing graduate studies internship requirement, AMPD plans to introduce unique opportunities for students to curate their own art exhibitions.

Annual investment for five years in support of a Curatorial Studies Exhibition will help MA candidates mount as many as three art exhibitions a year, including costs associated with loans, framing, publicity, installation and insurance. The exhibitions will showcase York University’s Goldfarb Collection and works specially selected from outside the university. Student will gain unparalleled experience in handling and researching objects, working in teams, project management and audience relations.

Artist-in-Residence Program

Every year, AMPD Visual Art & Art History hosts an annual juried senior exhibition at Toronto’s Propeller Gallery and students have countless opportunities to participate in other downtown art exhibitions and to work with local, professional artists. Capitalizing on these invaluable ties, AMPD plans to introduce an Artist-in-Residence Program to maintain a steady stream of professional artists within the Visual Art & Art History studios.

Most practicing artists struggle to realize ambitious creative projects due to the lack of professional facilities. Annual investment for five years from the Artist-in-Residence Program will provide one artist a year with a modest stipend and access to AMPD’s exceptional painting, drawing, photography and printmaking studios, and the Odette Sculpture Centre — together recognized as among the best such facilities in North America. While on campus, the artists will also work closely with AMPD students, helping to build their portfolio and shape their artistic careers.

Doctoral Conference Travel Awards                                                                                  

AMPD’s PhD in Art History and Visual Culture challenges students to showcase their independent research, network with other researchers and gain a crucial understanding of their place in the field. But the costs of doing so can be prohibitive. Every doctoral candidate in the program’s seven year history has earned a major award from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council or the Ontario government; private donations to supplement this funding will allow students the opportunity to workshop their research with highly specialized and prominent scholars in the field.

Doctoral Conference Travel Award will offset the potentially high cost of travel for as many as seven students to participate in national or international conferences. Gifts will empower students to unleash their creativity in the form of a research paper. While at the conference, they will build their global network and raise the profile of AMPD. These awards will also serve as a powerful recruitment tool in a competitive market for the very best graduate students.

Curatorial Studies Seminar           

Curatorial studies is gaining international traction as a field of study that pertains not only to the display, exhibition and collection of art, but also to larger questions about art as a lens through which we think critically about the world.

To continue to ignite creative discourse about the field, AMPD proposes to create a Curatorial Studies Seminar for Visual Art & Art History students at all levels of study. A donation of will help attract two leading curatorial studies scholars to campus to respond to critical issues and debates in the field. The seminar will feature a plenary lecture by each guest speaker, followed by a moderated conversation and an audience discussion. The speakers will also give a graduate-level seminar stemming from their area of research specialization.

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