Are you an aspiring artist, curator or art scholar? The Department of Visual Art & Art History in York’s School of the Arts, Media, Performance and Design (AMPD) provides the community and industry connections to nurture your artistic and research endeavours. Develop your professional studio practice through sculpture, print media, painting, drawing, photography, or time-based and interdisciplinary art. Work alongside eminent artists in our studio program and leading scholars in the art history program.

Push the boundaries of your art practice or discover cultural artefacts. Exhibit your work or curate a show in AMPD’s professional gallery settings. AMPD’s faculty mentors include specialists in multimedia art and we’re home to Canada’s first Digital Sculpture Laboratory dedicated to the convergence of digital and physical art. As an AMPD visual art and art history student, how you define your creativity is up to you.


As a member of AMPD’s vibrant art community, you will benefit from the diverse approaches and interpretations of expression from your fellow artists, a talented faculty and visiting artist team, and a global network of alumni, including internationally-recognized photographer Rafael Goldchain and Georgiana Uhlyarik, associate curator of Canadian art, Art Gallery of Ontario.


Master your technique in the field of your choice and then let AMPD inspire you to think in new ways and explore the world of art from multiple perspectives and with the support of artists from a variety of backgrounds. Collaborate with your fellow artists in digital media, film and design and across campus to make something extraordinary. Gain international exposure and immerse yourself in different cultures with AMPD’s travel aboard and international exchange.


Showcase your talent as an artist or curator at weekly exhibitions and AMPD’s annual Visual Arts Open House. Embrace opportunities to connect with visiting artists and theorists, explore the Art Gallery of York University and AMPD’s outstanding study collection of modern and contemporary art, and join York Visual Art alumni contributing to the emergence of Toronto as one of the world’s leading cultural centres.

Define your creative future now with AMPD Visual Art & Art History.